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PMT Accounting Cariboos largest independent firm

Decades of experience
We are the Cariboo’s largest independent firm

PMT Chartered Professional Accountants LLP is the Cariboo’s largest independent firm of Chartered Professional Accountants with more than 40 staff. We have an impressive legacy of knowledge with decades of combined experience. We are a local team of professionals that are small business owners just like you.

Who We Are

Dedicated to moving you forward
Success is different for everyone

At PMT Chartered Professional Accountants we understand success is different for everyone. We understand that no matter what you or your organization are aiming for it’s easier to achieve when you’re supported by a team that’s dedicated to moving you forward.

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We’re committed to
Making Our Communities
a better place

We’re committed to making our communities a better place and we know that the best way we can do this is through our client’s success. Whether you’re an individual, a private business, or a not-for-profit, our team approach gives you the absolute advantage, connecting you with the very best accountants and advisors who are committed to positioning you and your organization for success.

Community Involvement
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Serving you at three locations
PMT Chartered Professional Accountants LLP

PMT has three offices in British Columbia to provide convenience and accessibility for their clients. PMT provides independent professional services to a broad variety of clients in this region and beyond, including clients in many other cities, provinces, and countries.